Your Listing Agent

Listing agents are not created equal.

Some simply stick a sign in the ground and call it good.

An effective Listing Agent, gets to know your home in detail. They help you in pre-planning the sale.  By helping you to understand what obstacles you might encounter during a buyers offer and negotiation, you can make decisions about items that should be repaired prior to Listing the Home, or what paint choices should be reconsidered to make the home more appealing, so that you can maximize your Selling Price. Your Listing Agent will help you understand Pricing Strategies and have a Marketing Plan for your Home.

Your Listing Agent should actively market your home through online and print media, to their network of real estate professionals and through alternative marketing  when needed. They should host open houses, update listing photos throughout the season, and give you showing and open house feedback so that you know when you have interested buyers or can see a pattern of what needs to be changed in your home.

Your listing agent can help you in suggesting how to stage your home and how to remove clutter. We understand that you still have to live in the home and we will try to guide you on how a home should be presented when you do have scheduled showings or open houses. Lights on, shades open, dishes washed, beds made, etc. and also take the dog with you for an hour or so, since not all people are “dog friendly” .

During to Offer and Negotiation to Purchase, your Listing Agent will guide you through all possible outcomes and solutions, from Contract to Closing.

I will go the extra distance and utilize every opportunity to sell your home. Call me to preview your home and to complete an Opinion of Value to Find out What Your Home is Worth.

David Karl Roberts/Associate Broker
The Maine Real Estate Network

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