Staging and Showings

Staging Your Home

De-clutter! It’s one of the most important pre-planning things to do.  Take down the magnet clutter on your refrigerator, remove and store those un-used appliances on the kitchen counter and do your really need all those chairs in the living room? By making more floor space, your home looks bigger, more inviting. Re-arrange the furniture to allow for good flow. Clean out the garage and clean up the yard!

Re-paint! Where needed, a fresh coat of neutral colored paint can make a big difference. Even though you may love that bright pink bedroom – chances are your buyer might have a different opinion. Also any exterior paint that is flaking and in need of a new coat can be an obstacle for some buyers using Rural Development or FHA Loans. Freshen up both interior and exterior where needed. Anything that looks like it needs immediate work is a turn-off for buyers. If you need someone to help you with your color palette – consult with your Listing Agent or a Staging Professional.

Fix! That broken handrail. That slow drip in the faucet. Replace that one broken tile in the middle of the floor. Any health and safety issues such as faulty electrical, plumbing issues, roofing needs, Air or Water Quality issues such as Radon or Arsenic,  can all be obstacles to a sale. If you want to know what major issues should be addressed, you can Pre-Inspect Your Home by a qualified Property Inspector who can test your water, your air and do a General Building Inspection so that you can fix the problems or be prepared for when your buyer finds the same issues with their inspector.

Utilize your Listing Agent’s knowledge of buyers likes and dislikes or contact a Staging Professional so that your home is in the best possible condition when the showings start.


Once your home is listed on the MLS your home showings will begin.

Visits will be scheduled – usually in half hour or hour time slots. Leave the home early and come back after the buyer and their agent is gone. Buyers do not like to feel rushed and will spend a little extra time if they like the home. Take the dog with you. If a cat needs to be kept inside –  or there are any special lock up instructions – leave a note.

Always make sure the house is clean and tidy. Leave all of the lights on. Open the shades. If weather permits, let the fresh air in or air out and remove any significant odors (like the litter box or the mornings bacon and eggs) . If there are multiple showings – leave a note for the agent to leave the lights on as many will shut them off as they leave the home.

Things don’t have to be HGTV perfect – but anything you can do to put your home in good viewing condition will make a big difference in a buyers opinion of your home and possibly in their offer. Pride of ownership shows and a home in great condition will be rewarded with a high purchase price.

David Karl Roberts/Associate Broker
The Maine Real Estate Network

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