Seller Information

The following documents and Information Sheets are provided by The Maine Real Estate Network and The State of Maine’s Real Estate Commission for Buyer’s or Sellers of Real Estate in the State of Maine.

Maine Brokerage Relationship Form – From The Maine Real Estate Commission. What is a customer? What is a client? Types of agency relationships explained in brief.

The Maine Real Estate Commission – Property Transaction Booklet  – This is a FAQ sheet booklet with commonly asked questions that occur during a Real Estate transaction in Maine. If it doesn’t answer your questions or you need further explanation – pick my brain.

Equal Opportunity in Housing Brochure – Federal, State and Local laws come together to support Equal Opportunities for all! This makes just plain good sense !

Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home Brochure  – Prior to 1978 many paint products contained lead. If you have an older home -know how to take precautions and protect yourself from lead in your home.

Arsenic in Well Water FAQ Sheet – If you have a private water supply you should test your water regularly. Arsenic can exist naturally in water and a Water Treatment System can be installed to mitigate this and other issues that can result in an unsatisfactory water test.

Arsenic in Treated Wood FAQ Sheet – Arsenic can exist in treated wood products like decking materials. Take precautions and learn how to seal treated wood at your property.

Offer and Counter Offer Guidelines – Know what to expect when you submit an offer. All offers and counter offers are unique but this offers some guidance on what to expect during the process. Consult Your Buyer Agent about your specific offer and possible scenarios and outcomes.