Title and Settlement Services

Companies that provide Title and Settlement Services, research properties through a Title Search involving Deeds and Public Records Searches to look for title defects such as liens, unpaid taxes, undischarged loans, etc. that need to be settled at closing by a seller. They also arrange for Lenders Title Insurance (for your Lender) and also Owners Title Insurance (for you the Buyer) and Mortgage Line Instruments ( MLI-a survey for loan purposes). They often prepare the new deed for the property and provide Closing and Settlement Services for the transaction so that a Sellers Mortgages are discharged, taxes are paid up to date, Lender and other fees are accounted for, and any negotiated price, seller contributions, and other fees are accounted for so that there is a clean title at the closing transaction.

Your Lender may partner with a Title and Closing Company or a buyer can choose their own. When you get Qualified for a Mortgage Loan your Lender will provide you with a Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs based upon the purchase price and loan program that you are pre-qualified for which are estimates from their partnered Title and Settlement Company. The actual Closing Costs for the property you purchase may be slightly different from these amounts due to the day of closing affecting Tax Pro-rations and unaccounted for fees.

The Title Company accepts the Payments from Buyers, Sellers, Lenders and real Estate Companies at Closing and disburses all monies to the appropriate parties.

At The Maine Real Estate Network we have an In-House Title and Settlement Company called Preferred Title and Closing,  run by Jeffrey R. Vigue, Esq. and his staff of Title and Settlement Professionals. You can reach Jeff at 207-518-9098 or email: jvigue@maine.rr.com
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This allows one-stop shopping for your home purchase from beginning to end, from Real Estate Services to  Lending Services to Title, Settlement and Closing Services.

If you wish to consider other Title Companies, talk with your lender or call one of the companies listed on our Title Companies web page