Northern Maine

Northern Maine. It’s big. It’s wild.

mount katahdin

Northern Maine is comprised of about 2/3rds of the State from the area located North of Rte.2 which runs  from Bethel to Bangor and North of Rte.9 from Bangor to Saint Stephen, New Brunswick. Its so big, that there’s an area just known as “The County” (a.k.a. Aroostook County).  They even stopped naming towns and just started calling them unorganized townships  and started giving places numbers like T3R8.

There’s been songs written about it (Tombstone Every Mile by Dick Curless) and plenty of stories told. There’s Moose – just standing there by the side of the road – so you better slow down or they might end up in your lap.

And off in the distance you can see this majestic mountain named Mount Katahdin where the Appalachian Trail meets it’s northern end. Located in a beautiful  wilderness area that we know as Baxter State Park, it is THE destination for long distance hikers.

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is a canoeists dream and Whitewater Rafting on the Penobscot River rivals anywhere in the nation.  You can hike into a mountain pond where the trout are all wild and you can fly fish all day without seeing another soul.

“The County” is where Maine became known for it’s Potatoes. Long rolling fields and open farmland stretching on for miles. It takes just about a whole day to get to from Kittery to Fort Kent, but if you do someday get there, make sure you take a photo where Rte. 1 begins. You might just want to show it to your kids someday.

Do You Love the Snow ? The Maine Winter Sports Center is a world class winter sports facility and trains people with Olympic Biathlon and Cross Country Ski aspirations along with other year round programs.

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I love taking the Golden Road up to the West Branch of the Penobscot River near Ripogenus Lake, but don’t get there quite as often as I’d like to.  At the right time of year, the salmon bite hard. These areas are out of my regular sales territory however The Maine Real Estate Network has a few agents working the Northern Maine area, so give me a call and I will refer the best agent to you for your area of interest. 

P.S. I have only been to “The County” twice and yes, it was for a girl.